Gapi’s 28th Anniversary

Gapi’s 28th Anniversary

On March 1st, 2018 Gapi celebrated yet another milestone anniversary.  The event marked 28 years of funding for inclusive and innovative development.   For 28 years Gapi has been helping ordinary Mozambicans achieve the dream of successfully undertaking new projects and developing the country.

In 1985 the Friedrich Ebert Foundation (FEF) and the Government of Mozambique agreed on a pilot project focusing on small and medium-sized enterprises as the basis for building a dynamic business class as a result of the structural adjustment program of the time. A project was born under the name of Gapi – Office of Support and Advice to Small Industries, which began its activity from improvised installations, a garage.  In 1990, it was decided to shed its more cumbersome name and rebranded itself simply as Gapi with the mission of carrying out development activities by applying appropriate and timely financial instruments supported by a business development consultancy service.

Today, after 28 years, Gapi remains dedicated to its development objectives and has shown itself well able to adapt to changes in the socio-political and economic context. In this period it has not only been changing its social structure, as well as adopting new business models. With the challenge of maintaining its relevance in a context where the market has several offers of financial services, Gapi, with it’s extensive network of regional offices, remains the best option when it comes to promoting and creating sustainable small businesses.

Gapi assumes as key priorities the following sectors: Food and Nutrition Security; Gender and Youth Empowerment, Financial Inclusion and Rural Economy.  Over the years, Gapi has distinguished itself by achieving recognition for excellence both locally and more importantly internationally.

Happy birthday to Gapi!

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