Gapi celebrates its 29 years with the “rating A+”

Gapi celebrates its 29 years with the “rating A+”

March 1st is the official day of the formation of Gapi in Mozambique. This year, 2019, we celebrate our 29th anniversary and we have a special reason to celebrate the day, in addition to the results obtained in our interventions for a more inclusive development, we commemorate the achievement of a “rating A+” in the context of the performance evaluations organized by the African Association of Development Finance Institutions (AADFI).

We achieved a “rating A+” because, in 2018, we obtained a score of 89% on the assessment of compliance with the governance, operational and sustainability standards established by AADFI. This is an achievement that places us among the best development finance institutions (DFI) in Africa. It is also a source of pride for Mozambique because not many African countries with DFIs are registered in their formal financial system with governance standards such as those established by the AADFI and the ADB.

Achieving a “rating A+” at the AADFI level is primarily the result of the work of a team of about 160 national technicians and the several institutions partners, and so on.

Since its founding in 1990, Gapi has established itself and is growing with the commitment of shareholders, customers and partners who, through this DFI, invest in an inclusive development of Mozambique.

Together we have demonstrated that Mozambique has a credible and competent national institution to design and implement economic development programs focused on:

  • Promote national entrepreneurship;
  • Contribute to building a more inclusive financial system

The “rating A+” we have achieved reflects the results and objectives achieved in programs focused on:

  • Creation and consolidation of companies;
  • Financial Inclusion;
  • Empowerment of Entrepreneurial Women;
  • Innovative business youth promotion;
  • Agricultural innovation and food and nutritional security;
  • Rural development

This achievement reinforces Gapi’s commitment to contribute to the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG).

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